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We believe in people

The Corona virus has wreaked untold damage across the globe. We asked ourselves how we, in the hospitality industry, can support the work of doctors, nurses, and other specialised health operators fighting on the front line of this unspeakable tragedy?

Every little bit helps, as the saying goes.

And this is exactly what we plan on doing: we want to promote an industry – tourism – which has been hardly hit by the crisis, but we also want to help as much as we can with the means at our disposal: hospitality, solidarity, and being a decent person.

We believe in people

The project embodies our understanding, admiration, dedication to everyone working on the front line. It also aims to offer peace and relaxation in the (near) future to those people who are giving their best, risking their lives, and showing what they are made of on the front line: as people, human beings, and professionals.
We truly admire you. And no, this is not mere rhetoric: we mean it from the bottom of our heart.

Treat yourself to a day in our hotel, the Albergo Posta Marcucci in Bagno Vignoni in the heart of the Val d’Orcia, a UNESCO Heritage Site. Heritage – such a funny word, which can take on different meanings. Right now, we know the people giving everything they have got, even their lives, to face this emergency are humanity’s true heritage.

The campaign counted on Paolo Miranda’s help. He has been working as an ICU nurse at Cremona hospital for nine years. He is passionate about photography but right now has not got any time for his hobbies. He took his trusty camera with him on the ward to document, make no mistake about it, what is trench warfare. He lives with his wife, Corinne, another nurse working on the front line. Pictures shot during their working day, marked by a heavy and sombre routine. We chose two snapshots which are exemplary for their gravity. A depiction of what the true, genuine life of hundreds, thousands of people working and living in hospital facilities across all of Italy looks like.

Meet Monica. A nurse who has just received the outcome of her test. She is scared – after all, she was in close contact with a person who tested positive. She runs, screams, laughs and finally breaks down in tears of elation while hugging a colleague: negative! Monica is normally calm, reserved, proper. But she let herself go on this occasion. Good news. After all, we are but human, and we feel fear, too.

Meet Donata. A child on her ward drew the mask she is wearing, or maybe taking off. The nurse has her eyes closed in a moment of tiredness, yet even so we can glimpse the enormous burden these people have to bear.

What we are doing is simple. The bare minimum, and does not, obviously, compare to what they are doing. We would like to offer these people – doctors, nurses, and ICU health operators – facing the Covid 19 emergency on the front line, one day at the hotel. Their families, life partner or a friend are also included. Even just a day spent in the oasis that is Bagno Vignoni can be an incredibly powerful balm for body and soul. When all this finishes, everything will be better.

Thank you – because to the Costa Family and its collaborators you are heroes.

We will welcome you with open arms and embrace you as soon as we can.