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Peaceful moments

It is true what they say: in these century old places the sense of peace still reigns today. It is a peace that is in the heavens, in the earth, and in we humans too. To help you live this sensation to the full, Tanya and Michael Aprile from the Center For Higher Knowledge, will invite you to pass moments of absolute peace and serenity through teaching and treatments dedicated to Hotel Posta Marcucci guests. 

Yoga, meditation, anti-stress sessions, lessons based on diet-health-disintoxication, reiki healing, therapy of regression-healing are just some of the activities included in their programme and which will have the objective of exploring a new depth to our interior in a setting of absolute calm and peace. After a relaxing time in the beneficial waters of our pools there is nothing better than to experience the slow rhythms of nature and favour a sense of interior peace.


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Vignoni Alto

Borgo di Vignoni, standing proud above Bagno Vignoni, can be reached by taking a short walk along a dirt gravel road, a walk which will do wonders for body and mind and is a visit we highly recommend when staying at our hotel.

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Along the way

Via Francigena

The ancient road which in medieval times joined Canterbury and Rome and the ports of Puglia  Crossing through Tuscany and passing  Bagno Vignoni

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A night in Pienza

A magical suggestion to go to Pienza of an evening when it is really possible to imagine being in an age which recalls all of a late Gothic period mixed with a Renaissance influence.

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