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Val d’Orcia by bike

Many are the ways to cross Val d’Orcia by bike. Many the roads, often secondary ways across countryside which once away from the main circulation become isolated and are a joy indeed for cyclists. It is not by chance that many cycling enthusiasts come here from all parts of the world. The climate is mild, the landscape charming and traffic is reduced to a minimum. What more could one want? We would like to suggest to you one route which is ring shaped and which sets off from Bagno Vignoni, continues towards San Quirico along the Cassia road, and after passing under the bridge and at the crossroad on the right there one takes the deviation for the old Cassia. From here on cars are practically absent and one passes through a landscape of fields and the beauty of the Siena countryside, composed of lines of cypress trees and occasional other trees which act as boundary indicators. After reaching Torrenieri one continues on the number 14 main road to San Giovanni d’Asso and then follows the signposting for Asciano (SP60A). After a few kilometres there is the fork for Chiusure, and taking this one goes on to Asciano. Here the ups and downs become more demanding. At Asciano one continues on the main road called ‘Pecorile’: in summer it seems as if one is cycling on the moon. After a few kilometres it is important to keep an open for the fork which leads to Trequanda, and here the road becomes narrow and the setting all around is truly magnificent, the silence and the peace are really heavenly. From Trequanda follow the signposting for Montisi and Castelmuzio, this part quite challenging in terms of uphills and downhills as far as Pienza. On bright days one can see right across to Cetona and Radicofani as far as Amiata. A sight to behold. From Pienza one continues on main road of Monte Amiata, and on reaching road 53 one turns right and goes on until reaching Cassia again. A left turn will take you on until you see signposting for Bagno Vignoni. On gerting back to base camp take a quick shower and then relax in the pools of  Posta Marcucci for twenty minutes or so. All in all a majestic few hours.


Bagno Vignoni – Bagno Vignoni, approx 90 kilomtres and more than a thousand metres of altitude difference.


A night in Pienza

A magical suggestion to go to Pienza of an evening when it is really possible to imagine being in an age which recalls all of a late Gothic period mixed with a Renaissance influence.

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Vitaleta Chapel

It is positioned in isolated fashion as if it had not been visited in a thousand years. Yet, it is a place of constant visit, both in its guise as a sacred place and as a destination for intrepid wayfarers to tick off their list.

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Santa Maria in Belverde

A trip to do. A discovery awaits. A corner of a blessed land, thrillingly inspirational to see: a convent behind Franciscan caverns, A church on 3 levels with XIV century frescoes.

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