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Highlighting our home region

Tuscany in focus. This land is blessed in many ways and this includes the best of local produce we are able to search out and select. Preparation makes a considerable difference. Our motto is: creatiivity without undue sophistication. A dish which is well-prepared and well-presented is a great stimulus for one’s palate and an invitation to discover the fine foods, the discovery of which is like a pleasant journey on which one wants to go on and on, and we are more than happy to accompany you in this quest for the best of the best.


We select ingredients by following qualititive criteria, criteria which encompass not only the product itself but also the persons responsible for their production. We are happy to include in our wine list such gems as arrive from the Poggio Grande cellars of Castiglione d'Orcia and the Sasso di Sole vineyards near the river Orcia. Among the olive oils is featured the prize bottles from Fregoli in Pienza. Speaking of quality also takes us to the known butchery of San Quirico, the meats from which are acclaimed far and wide. And if the chef should wish to impress you with some wonderful safron, it ranging from yellow to orange in colour you will know that he has been in contact with the Brandi family in San Quirico.

Lunch and dinner, served for you

Lunch at the Chiosco will be served from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm and the dinner at our main restaurant from 7:15 pm until 9:00 pm. Dinner will be served to all our guests, both residing at the hotel and not. For external guests, reservations are suggested. Please call +39 0577 887 112.  Gentlemen are requested to be dressed in long pants for dinner.

A terrace looking over paradise

Lunch and dinner out on our terrace our treats not only for the palate but for one’s eyes too. The large restaurant windows look out across the pools to the hills beyond and it really can be described as a culinary experience with a view.

Chosen for you


Vitaleta Chapel

It is positioned in isolated fashion as if it had not been visited in a thousand years. Yet, it is a place of constant visit, both in its guise as a sacred place and as a destination for intrepid wayfarers to tick off their list.

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Along the way

Via Francigena

The ancient road which in medieval times joined Canterbury and Rome and the ports of Puglia  Crossing through Tuscany and passing  Bagno Vignoni

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Along the way

Val d’Orcia by bike

Peace, quiet and calm all around, Traffic absent, roads winding their way Up and down across a landscape rich in beauty No greater attraction can Italy gift.

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