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Family to family

This story would not have come about if it were not for Val d'Orcia, a landscape of rolling hills stretching wide and far in history and vision. Nature has blessed this land in a way which satisfies the senses: at times it is as if the design of all around is perfect and has remained constant throughout the centuries.


This story would have no relevance if it were not for the Marcucci family, a family commitment going back to the mid 1800s when they managed a food retail out here in Bagno Vignoni, it providing also a postal service, and fast forward to the 1950s when the present structure of the hotel was built on a flattened vineyard.

And then intuition played its part, intuition always an essential element of whatever vision: the labourers began to dig deep in the marshy land behind the hotel and out spouted the hot water whch was to become the jewel in the crown. In fact since the seventies the thermal waters have become something of a cult destination, an oasis of peace and wellness.


Now the story turns page but without any drama or ..... . The undeniable thread of this story is the respect for the land around and the tradition of hospitality, a privilege which the new management willingly accepts as part of the ongoing story and does so with simplicity, joy, an acute awareness of heritage and a dash of vigour

Chosen for you



In the small square of Radicofani, in the presence of a Roman church which is a joy for the eyes and a gift for the heart there is a commemorative plaque fixed to the wall.


Vivo d'Orcia

There are no doubts that San Francesco spent much time here in Val d'Orcia. We wonder if the miraculous qualities of the water here is somehow connected to this fact!


Going mining

Amiata is the sacred mountain of the Etruscans: here there are ancient mines from which it is possible to still extract a fascinating history