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This is no cliché

Posta Marcucci

Val d’Orcia is a beautiful land
which stands out for its centuries-old landscape.
It strikes the perfect balance
between history, memory, and poetry.
A land of graceful, rolling hills:
being part of it is a privilege
we want to share with all our guests.

The waters flow along the earth’s burrows


The water warms in the earth’s burrows
And when it reaches our pools
there is the invitation to indulge in the healthiest of ways

Our music list is celebration pure


Our music list is celebration pure:

thermal waters find a home in our pools
the light of Val d’Orcia captures the hills
the maritime pines stand so proud in our garden area
the superb cuisine, the distinctive wines, celebration pure for the palate

I love Val d'Orcia, because

love Val d’Orcia because… is a love letter – and a letter of intents.


Our hotel's magical green carpet

The garden is a splendid spread of green, inviting you to relax to your heart's content in the shade of the maritime pines, just laying back and taking in the sweet silver song of the birds. The white loungers reflect the calming influence of the pool's magical waters. Relish the peace and tranquility of the day.


A family story

The origins of Hotel Posta Marcucci can be traced back to the mid 1800s: a food retail outlet at Bagno Vignoni offering a postal address too. In the mid 1950s the main hotel structure took root and 20 years further on the pools came to be.


Breakfast truly sets up the day

A breakfast deserving of the name: natural produce from the land around, fresh fruit, jams, and delicious local honey.


Table with a view

Our main restaurant enjoys an amazing view of the valley and the Rocca d’Orcia. In the kitchen, Tuscany lives through its dishes, through the research and the selection of the best local products thanks to the ability of those who cuisine it with balance.


Renovated sobriety

Over the winter we have not been idle and in fact we have been completing some renovations! All the rooms shine with new colours, wider spaces and welcoming bathrooms (some with a bathtub), vintage-style furnishings with a feature phone or two belonging to the era in which one remembered numbers by heart. Yes, we want time to stand still for a moment or two. Don’t you agree?


Chosen for you

The Tuscan countryside is known throughout the world. It just takes one of its features to appear, a cypress tree for example, and its location is clear. Familar elements are often used to deride a location so that it becomes an unwelcome association. Here the matter is very different and there is an unbelievable world to discover. We wish you well.



In the small square of Radicofani, in the presence of a Roman church which is a joy for the eyes and a gift for the heart there is a commemorative plaque fixed to the wall.


Bagni di San Filippo

Travelling towards Castiglione d’Orcia, one comes across calcareous deposits which seem like sculptures having come from the deep, a fascinating work indeed of Mother Nature.



It seems that the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, Carlo Magno, wanted to build an abbey on the ruins of a Roman settlement just a few kilometres from Bagno Vignoni.


Water and health, water and pleasure

The waters spring from the earth at a temperature of 49° C. and in a splash of silence settle in the pools overlooking the valley and Rocca di Tentennano. There are two pools with a park style garden all around. In the first pool the water stabilises at between 35 and 38° C, and in the second between 28 e 32° C. A difference in temperature which is a bringer of wellness. The waters are rich in calcium, iron and zinc and for centuries such waters have been famous for their health-giving qualities.

The light of the morning comes to bless the day


The light of the morning comes to bless the day
and beauty is ready to appear at an early hour

Let’s decorate the hills with the intensity of our every look


Let’s decorate the hills with the intensity of our every look
Please be seated and take in the very experience

A pool of health

In the pools silence is a must, a pure question of respect. The water is not filtered: the presence of small deposits of alghe and their light layer of sediment on the pool bottom is the indisputable sign that the beneficial waters remain in their pure state.


Bathing under the stars


No need to hurry

A time to pause, listen to what is all around and what is inside of you. Precious time away from the frantic rush, time given to explore one's creative self, and to rejuvenate body and mind.


Wellness Days

Treatments available for non-resident guests who may stay in the indoor relaxation area all day.


The humid indoor areas

A link with the outside and an indoor pool of its own, ideal for calm, leisurely bathing. Wellness area with various saunas and relax room.