The garden
Quiet and rest

The always well-combed grass, the priceless view, the reassuring plants and that sense of peace that transforms siesta hours into widespread well-being. Experiencing the garden that surrounds the swimming pools and overlooks an enchanting setting is equivalent to the abandonment that the guest is seeking away from the worries of everyday life.

Here everything is rest, for the mind and the body. And in case of invigorating pampering, there is a kiosk that offers any refreshment, with ice cream, snacks, plant extracts that strengthen the immune system and aid digestion and fresh fruit always within reach of the deckchair. Letting go is the only imperative. Which is not intended to be invasive, but rather a further opportunity to enjoy hours spent in the open air following the pleasant rhythm of time that passes.

A tennis court and a bowls court next to the green area offer playful moments that are reminiscent of the good old days gone by and rediscovered as if by magic.