Our story
From family to family

This story would not begin without the Val d’Orcia, a rolling and ancient land. Here nature offers shots that tickle the heart: in certain moments the design is perfect, unchanged over the centuries.

This story would not make sense without the Marcucci family who, starting from the mid-19th century, first ran an inn with a grocery and postal address in Bagno Vignoni and a century later, in the 1950s, built the central body of the current hotel on a cleared vineyard.

And then intuition, the legitimate daughter of a vision: when the workers begin to dig in the travertine ‘sponge’ in the ground behind the house, hot water flows into the large tub. And it is the water that gives new life to the whole story. From the Seventies onwards, the swimming pool became a place of worship, peace and well-being.

Now this story turns the page without changing the plot. And if there is a thread in this story, whoever took the reins of the hotel picks up one end to take it a little further, without breaking anything, just passing it down: with joy, tact, simplicity and renewed vigor.