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Vivo d'Orcia

The presence of water is a welcome one indeed. Whether it flows down the streams through the woods, feeds the fields so as to nourish a healthy harvest, or just generally adds to the beauty if nature it is a blessed resource. In other instances, as is the case with Marcucci’s propertys, it springs from the earth itself at a temperature of 49 °C. and in a heavenly silence finds its way to our pools overlooking Rocca d'Orcia. There are other places too hereabouts where the waters can be found: for example if one takes a pleasant walk through the Vivo d'Orcia Nature Park. Falls and wells are the testimony to the benefits which nature bestows on the landscape and the water from both is pure wellness to those happy to immerse themselves in the inviting flow.


Santa Maria in Belverde

A trip to do. A discovery awaits. A corner of a blessed land, thrillingly inspirational to see: a convent behind Franciscan caverns, A church on 3 levels with XIV century frescoes.



In the small square of Radicofani, in the presence of a Roman church which is a joy for the eyes and a gift for the heart there is a commemorative plaque fixed to the wall.


Bagni di San Filippo

Travelling towards Castiglione d’Orcia, one comes across calcareous deposits which seem like sculptures having come from the deep, a fascinating work indeed of Mother Nature.