La Collegiata di San Quirico

Dear house guests, man does not live only by idleness in the beloved waters of the swimming pools. It is necessary that you dedicate some of your precious time to the surroundings, which here are sublime as never before.

Therefore, either by car or for the more pilgrims even on foot, go to San Quirico to admire the Collegiate Church, an authentic Romanesque jewel that is influenced by the Gothic and Lombard taste of the 13th century. Approach with sweetness and gentleness, touch the cold white stone, admire the capitals and rose window, the side portals, the mullioned windows and the lions. Take a deep breath and inhale the calm that has reigned placidly here over the centuries. And if you feel like it, go around it to admire the bell tower and then find yourself near Palazzo Chigi. And with a little effort, you reach the Church of San Francesco, also called the Church of the Madonna, as it houses the terracotta statue of the Madonna, a work attributed to Andrea della Robbia, moved here from the nearby Vitaleta Chapel. Finally, at the end of the village, there is the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, another splendid example of Romanesque style. The church appears disarmingly simple but is so full of atmosphere that it is worth entering inside. If the day is cool, the sky is blue and your legs are good, a nice walk in the Horti Leonini is really worth it: an Italian garden in Tuscany. And then the narrow streets, the Porta ai Cappuccini, the remains of the Torre del Cassero, the little shops: San Quirico is well worth a visit.

Bagno Vignoni – San Quirico 6.3 kilometers by car

Bagno Vignoni – San Quirico on foot 5.3 kilometers,

wonderful walk of about an hour along stretches of the Via Francigena