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Renovated sobriety

There are 37 bedrooms. Emphasis is on the warmth of hospitality, each room not seeking an idle perfection but a welcoming cosy sensation to match the calm and pleasure of one’s stay.


Four categories of bedroom, to these we add the ones of the third floor, which have been completely renovated: a common touch in all is the presence of items of family origin and complementary modern touch. Space and and an airy feel are essential components for an enjoyable sejourn.


The category with the greatest presence. Essential and studied grace is the prominent feature.


Classic Rocca D'Orcia

A view across the valley to the Rooca hill-fort is a magical one indeed and the distinguishing extra of these rooms, some having a balcony.



Space to breathe and take in the view. Harmony is at ease here.



To inaugurate our little house, one which we shall make available for guests, we thought that the name Benincasa would be both appropriate and significant. The apartment is about 80 square metres in dimension and is by the piazza and just a handful of metres from Hotel Posta Marcucci.



Spacious with a small reception area to relax, contemplate, and take in the homely atmosphere.


Chosen for you


Going mining

Amiata is the sacred mountain of the Etruscans: here there are ancient mines from which it is possible to still extract a fascinating history

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Along the way

Val d’Orcia by bike

Peace, quiet and calm all around, Traffic absent, roads winding their way Up and down across a landscape rich in beauty No greater attraction can Italy gift.

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A night in Pienza

A magical suggestion to go to Pienza of an evening when it is really possible to imagine being in an age which recalls all of a late Gothic period mixed with a Renaissance influence.

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